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The Artist's Touch

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The Artist's Touch

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"I just LOVE Jenifer!!!! She is so kind and extremely talented!!! I felt comfortable with her and wonderful attitude! I had my brows and upper eyeliner done and it looks absolutely fantastic!!! I wish that I would have done it sooner. She is a perfectionist in every way, and does not want you to leave the salon until you are completely happy! I have gone back a couple if times for touch ups and she is just a joy to see every time!! Go to Jenifer and no one else! You will not regret it!!!"

Katie M. San Diego, CA

"I wanted a very natural look for my permanent eyeliner and Jenifer was just the right one for the job. She was very patient and explained the procedure so that I was very comfortable with what she was doing. She has an artist approach and I would highly recommend her to those who are considering permanent eye makeup."

Karen S. San Diego, CA

"I have been thinking about getting permanent makeup for my eyebrows for a while, but I'm nervous they won't look natural (we've all seen the crazies out there that went a little tooooo far).

My friend, Blanca, just got her eyebrows done with Jenifer and they look so good! I'm really impressed with the results. It has completely changed her face—in a good NATURAL way. I plan on seeing Jenifer myself so I can look more awake and no longer have to worry about filling in my brows with makeup."

Sarah H. San Diego, CA

The Artist's Touch Permanent Cosmetics & Micropigmentatin Kay 5.0 star rating Jen is a professional artist and her work reflects that artistic gift. She listens carefully to her client and isn't satisfied until the client is completely satisfied. Her prices are excellent: you get the work of a perfectionist at a reasonable price. I have only the highest praise for Jen and her work!

C D. La Jolla, 5.0 star rating

Years ago, I previously had permanent eyebrow makeup applied (by a different permanent makeup artist) to fill in my very sparse eyebrows, but they eventually faded away over the years. That same previous permanent makeup artist had talked me into having permanent lip liner applied, but using a color that I felt was too bright (I had requested a nude type of permanent lip liner color, but she claimed I needed to go with a brighter color because this previous permanent makeup artist claimed the tattoo color would end up fading away to a lighter color. So I did as she said and ended up very unhappy with the results because years later, the permanent lip liner remained a bright line of color around my lips and it never faded at all! It looked terrible when I had no lipstick on, and I was frustrated that I could no longer go bare lipped whenever I didn't feel like wearing lipstick. So when I came across permanent makeup artist Jenifer Broomberg's advertisement and saw that she was an experienced artist and sculptor, yet she offered reasonable prices, I decided to try her services. I've been to Jenifer 3 times thus far, first she fixed the bright line of permanent lip liner around my lips (which had been applied by a different permanent makeup artist), and I was happy with the results! Jenifer gave me permanent lipstick, (instead of just permanent lip liner), in a color I like, and it's a relief that I can finally go bare lipped again, whenever I want to. Then in two subsequent visits (two visits were needed, to ensure the permanent eyebrow makeup tattoo color took, and to retouch areas as needed) Jenifer gave me permanent eyebrow makeup in a style and color I like. Jenifer is very pleasant, pays attention to detail, has reasonable prices, and I'll definitely return to her, if I ever have any permanent makeup needs in the future